Graffitied across walls in both chalk and spray paint, lifted high across banners and pinned to both hippies and punks, the humble peace sign has traveled far and wide since it was created in 1958. 

Its original mock up was created by an artist called Gerald Holtom and originally related to the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. A symbol of anti-military action that may lead to the use of nuclear weapons, the sentiments it once held stand strong and just as true sixty years down the line. Very rarely do pieces of art and symbols become so universally known and it’s a true wonder and testament to the artist’s original purpose; to be understood without explanation. 

Adopted by an array of countercultures, from the hippie movement to anti-war protests, its use today is just as important as its use all those years ago. 

Seeing such a symbol is a sign of safety, a motion of goodwill. When we see such a symbol, the word peace will instantly follow.

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