The Explorer

We live on a planet that most of us will only see a small fraction of, a miniscule section that we call home. We can certainly see more when we peer through our tiny screens, but for the most part, what surrounds us is what we get and the exploration these days is far more virtual than it is physical. 

But before we could track things at the touch of a button, there was a time where exploration was both bold and treacherous, so much so that we look back at many well known figures from the age of discovery as controversial. One such figure that may immediately come to mind for the western world is that of  Christopher Columbus. His journeys are a not so gentle reminder that our actions can cause ripple effects, and that even as we travel to observe, what we touch isn’t always ours. 

Why we feel compelled to explore is still up to debate. Being human has many unanswered questions and after centuries of discovery, there still isn’t one definitive answer. Did an age of exploration bring us closer to our answers? Probably not. But what we know is what we have learnt along the way. Despite not finding all of the ancient treasures and places that we could only dream of confirming are real, if we were to find them, the end goal is that we hopefully bring less harm than good to whatever it is we stumble upon. 


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